Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ ડિવાઇન મિશન

Aims & Objectives

With a view to translating the omni-beneficent teaching of Lord Shri Swaminarayan into action for the spiritual and material welfare of mankind, the following aims and objectives are decided by the Mission.

  • To provide financial assistance for the needy without any bias to caste or creed.
  • To establish, manage and run health-centres and hospitals and provide financial aid to institutions and organizations taking care of health and hygiene.
  • To construct, maintain and manage temple, monuments and spiritual centres commemorating great spiritual leaders to spread the message of universal peace, love and brotherhood leading to religious harmony.
  • To encourage and support creative activities aimed at educating people through art and literature.
  • To establish and run libraries, research centres and museums and assist individuals and institutions involved in such spiritual – cultural activities.


  • To undertake and organize activities aimed at strengthening the moral fibre of the society and improve the standard of living.
  • To launch programs aimed at spreading the spirit of universal brotherhood, amity and peace. To strive to remove discord and prejudices because heaven is harmony.
  • To organize conferences to bring all religious and warring groups on a common platform and help them establish a true religion of man aimed at spiritual and social welfare of mankind through the language of love and noble deeds.

The Mission through constructive programs and spiritual activities aims at total development of human society to enable it to be worthy of receiving divine bliss through communion with God.

The economic as well as the administrative structure of the Mission, is maintained and managed efficiently by a group of select and committed volunteers. Each one of them is assigned a duty that suits him and for which he is qualified.

Taking into account, the able and honest functioning of the trust under the guidance and leadership of Pujya Shri Narayanbhai the Income Tax Department has been regularly issuing the Income Tax Exemption Certificate u/s. 80G(5) to the Trust. This shows how transparent and well managed the humanitarian activities of the trust are. The trust notes with a sense of pride that its activities and transparency, have encouraged the donors to donate more and more. The trust is thankful to them.

The financial management has been so efficient and effective that all our activities are being run by spending only the interest earned on the money deposited.

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission is not a creation of human will or human desire. It is an institution that came into being by Rev. Muktaraj Shri Narayanbhai G. Thakker, under the inspiration of and at the command of Lord Shri Swaminarayan. It is an action put to our faith. This ‘Omni-beneficial’, embracing all faiths, organization has been founded with a view to raising the spiritual level of the seekers and thus help them attain ‘atyantik moksha’ – perfect peace and liberation from the chain of birth and death.


Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
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