Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ ડિવાઇન મિશન

SSDM Stands For

What does Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission stand for?

With a view of translating the omnibeneficient divine message of Lord Shri Swaminarayan into action for the spiritual and worldly happiness of mankind:

  • We try to provide financial assistance to the needy without any discrimination and uphold the ideal of seva-sadavrat, selfless service.
  • We are planning to establish and run health-centres and hospitals. We are offering assistance to institutions providing medical help to the people.
  • We construct, develop and maintain temples and spiritual centres, commemorating great spiritual leaders with a view to bringing peace, happiness and divine joy to people.
  • We encourage creative activities aimed at educating people through literature and art.
  • To satisfy the spiritual thirst of the devotees we want to establish and manage libraries, research centres and museums or assist individuals and institutions involved in such activities.
  • We strive to achieve harmony and amity in our society by publishing books that enhance our cultural and spiritual life and take mankind on the path of progress and perfection and thus elevate man to the spiritual heights. Therefore, we want
    • To undertake and organise activities aimed at strengthening and improving the moral standards which form the basis of our social life.
    • To launch programmes for the spread of universal brotherhood, social unity, fellow-feeling, amity, compassion that will end all discords and establish permanent peace; for without peace there cannot be progress.
    • To organise conferences to bring all the religions and warring groups on a common platform and strive for harmony among them for the social and spiritual welfare of mankind.

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission is not a creation of human will or human desire. It is an institution that came into being by Rev. Muktaraj Shri Narayanbhai G. Thakker, under the inspiration of and at the command of Lord Shri Swaminarayan. It is an action put to our faith. This ‘Omni-beneficial’, embracing all faiths, organization has been founded with a view to raising the spiritual level of the seekers and thus help them attain ‘atyantik moksha’ – perfect peace and liberation from the chain of birth and death.


Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
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