Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
શ્રી સ્વામિનારાયણ ડિવાઇન મિશન


As Pujya Shri Narayanbhai had attained to the highest spiritual state, he casually displayed the divine attributes of God. There always emanated his divine grace from the body of Pujya Narayanbhai. Whosoever came into contact with him never missed the divine qualities in this humble man.

Pujya Shri Narayanbhai was not only a spiritual pathfinder or a guide but he was an eminent educationalist and an able and experienced administrator also. He was a man of principle and therefore he always insisted upon total commitment, honesty and transparency in the work which either he undertook or he assigned to others. Fully armed with the necessaiy knowledge and experience in both spiritual and mundane matters, Sadguruvarya Narayanbhai led people kindly on the path of righteousness and explained to them what was beneficial and what was merely an attraction.

After securing B.Sc., D.T.C. and B.T. he worked as a teacher for nearly, 30 years. As a Principal of a school, he proved himself to be the ablest administrator and a committed academician and a man of impeccable characters. He practised first and then preached the lofty ideals of devotion to work, truthfulness, honesty, integrity, discipline and courage of conviction.

He took voluntary retirement from the teaching profession in 1977 to translate his faith into action by launching ‘Omni-beneficent1 altruistic activities. He had been organising and experimenting with many generous and charitable programmes on a smaller scale. But Muktaraj wanted to extend his area of such activities to include spiritual, social and educational programmes that would ultimately raise the moral standards and help the people strengthen their faith in goodness and God.. He wanted to establish an institution that will continually work towards the sublimation of the souls and teach people to act according to the commandments of Lord Shri Swaminarayan.

Without wasting a minute, Muktaraj directly went to the Swaminarayan temple, Kalupur to seek guidance from his God. As soon as he stepped into ‘Rangamahol1 for the ‘darshan’ of Ghanshyam Maharaj, the omniscient Maharaj appeared before him, blessed him and the Lord Himself named it : ‘Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission’. Believe it or not, Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission is of Divine origin.

Having obtained the divine assent and blessings, Muktaraj founded ‘Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission’ on the auspicious day of ‘Vijayadashmi’, October 8, 1981. The Mission was to spread the word of faith and carry out the act of love. As Muktaraj Pujya Shri Narayanbhai, possessed rare qualities of selfless service, non-attachment, spiritual discrimination, humility, intelligence and wisdom, was appointed as the founder life-president of the ‘Mission’. He was a natural choice of Bhagwan as well as Bhaktas. The other members of the Trust’ were those who loved and respected Muktaraj Pujya Shri Narayanbhai. Muktaraj was the first donor. Soon many donors came forward to contribute not only materially but they offered their service and time to act on what they believed.

It was just a sincere expression of love and devotion towards the man who was working to honour the will of his God. Muktaraj never approached anybody with a request to help the Mission financially or otherwise. People took his word to be the word of God and with trust in his spiritual power and asceticism a group of highly educated and committed young men hailing from respectable family formed a team to carry out Muktaraj’s Mission of charity (‘Sadavrat’). They never questioned; they didn’t argue but simply obeyed their Spiritual Leader. One should always do what ones’ guru says to do.

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission

Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission is not a creation of human will or human desire. It is an institution that came into being by Rev. Muktaraj Shri Narayanbhai G. Thakker, under the inspiration of and at the command of Lord Shri Swaminarayan. It is an action put to our faith. This ‘Omni-beneficial’, embracing all faiths, organization has been founded with a view to raising the spiritual level of the seekers and thus help them attain ‘atyantik moksha’ – perfect peace and liberation from the chain of birth and death.


Shri Swaminarayan Divine Mission
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